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CHALLENGE 37: We’d like to do a survey to gauge how we are doing with our customers but people are so surveyed-out. How can we harvest a quality response?


People are flattered to be asked for their opinion but understand that surveys aren’t some selfish quick-fix you throw out into the market. Surveys are a phenomenal way in which to not only collect quality information but to take your relationship with your customers to an entirely new level… and that’s your bigger goal.

First, think carefully about your questions in order for you to collect exactly the information you are looking for, from precisely your ideal audience.

Second, offer a reward or thank you for their participation. It could be points, a free download, entrance into a contest, or random draw for bigger prizes – whatever the reward, make it relevant and worthwhile.

Finally, send an engagement gift WITH how their input has had a positive impact. Remember you are building relationships and when people learn that they are part of a bigger picture, they feel more engaged… so do NOT skip this important step.

With this gift, also invite them to participate in a focus group, exclusive offer, test a new line, anything that adds to their VIP experience. Here are a few of our absolute faves that are wildly popular and easy to mail!

We’re here to help you be a survey genius!

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It’s time to take A Human Approach.

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