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As many times as I have experienced the Law of Intention in real form, I am still fascinated by its predictability.

The Law of Intention is a sub-law of the Law of Vibration that states what we put out into the cosmos in the way of thought energy creates reality. Essentially, the outcome unfolds based on what we broadcast into the unified field.

Now this isn’t something that is taught in schools so most are unaware of this magnificent capability of ours – to influence our reality – and when we draw things to us, think it’s a coincidence. It’s anything but.

Now here’s the thing: The Law makes no judgment as to what your thoughts or emotions are, it simply delivers that which you think about. It can work both for you or against you depending on your thoughts (vibrations).

I had a fear of big bodies of water. Years ago I was encouraged to parasail and, with fear and trepidation, I agreed to be hoisted into the air from the back of a boat. The flying part was awesome (I love being up high) but when the boat driver decided to slow the boat to dip my toes into the water, the result was horrifying. As he sped up the boat in an effort to bring me back into the air, the opposite occurred. I spun underwater like a lure on a fishing rod, with hardly a breath. Eventually, the driver stopped the boat, at which point I came to the surface, bruised and traumatized. My fear of big bodies of water being more powerful than I, was delivered in real form.


Recently I made a decision to move. My realtor and I jumped on listings as they came up and I wasn’t seeing anything I desired. Then, the perfect place appeared and before we left the property, I asked my realtor to quickly prepare an offer. She did … but another offer was also presented. That evening, while in line at a store, I closed my eyes and sent the owner of the property intentions suggesting that he pick me and my offer, then texted my realtor that I was doing my happy dance knowing the property was mine. Attempt at a long story short here, the next morning the realtor texted me that the owner of the property had accepted the other offer. My response was, “No, that’s the wrong answer. That’s not the way this is supposed to play out.” At that moment, I went outside, closed my eyes and sent the property owner more vibes. Within 10 minutes my realtor texted me saying that the owner looked at my website, thought I was “great”, changed his mind and decided to give me the property.


Aha – Thoughts become things.

The Law of Intention, Law of Attraction, Law of Cause and Effect – however you wish to refer to it – is a sub-law of the Law of Vibration. It’s precise and dependable.

The sheer knowledge that we have that kind of power – to send out intention and anticipate receiving it in true form – is really quite spectacular yet many shy from the responsibility.

Manifestation hurdles could be;

  • That patterned thinking, established when we were too young to filter it, is fully in control and actions are a mirror of that belief mosaic. In other words, you put out an intention but your programmed belief counteracts it. Remember its your vibration that counts so if you’re saying one thing but energetically holding a different belief, the vibration, not your words, will win every time.
  • Disbelief in our manifestation power. The cognitive dissonance that occurs when a concept contrary to your belief is presented and you reject it as a form of self-sabotage.
  • You are not aware of the language you are using in causal conversation that counteracts your intentions. (I changed the “fear” of big bodies of water to “respect” for big bodies of water).

Try this: Identify one paradigm – one long-standing belief – that counteracts what you really want. Then decide – right here, right now – you’re going to replace it with a new, empowering belief. Create a small goal or intention inside of that new belief, get emotionally charged with its reality, then get into action knowing it is already so. If you dare, share your intention with someone who agrees to police your language to ensure your vibes stay true.

With power comes responsibility. Are you ready to receive what you truly want?

Soooooo many synchronicities have happened since my offer was accepted. I think it’s because my “life script” that I read (almost) daily says, “Being in the vibration of what I desire is mine and it only takes a brief, deliberate, and focused moment of intention to bring whatever I require to me.” How powerful do you feel reading that? It’s a reminder to me to be extremely deliberate with my thoughts. More about influencing your life on our A Human Approach Youtube Channel entitled, “Coincidence?”

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