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Come out of your shell

Aha Moment Monday

We can learn a lot from lobsters.

Lobsters grow by molting or shedding their shells.
Now I don’t mean that they grow and then have to shed their shells, they actually grow as a result of shedding their shells.

Here’s how the process works.
Before they shed their shells they grow a thin one underneath. Then they struggle out of their old shell while simultaneously absorbing water which expands their body size. They also become ravenous and eat substantially after they cast their shell and in the process, increase their size by about 20%.

So they don’t grow first then molt, they grow by molting.

For a minute, think like a lobster.
What protective armour – environment, friends, attitude, food, limiting beliefs, work – are you holding on to?
Does each factor still serve your growth?

Aha – big growth occurs after you cast

Often growth is somewhat invisible – like the thin new shell the lobster prepares – but once the restraint of limitation is broken, the growth is often immense and obvious.

Releasing or losing can be extremely uncomfortable. Letting go can feel like a part of you goes with it.
But it’s more than okay to allow pieces to fall away and create an appetite for growth. In fact, it’s crucial.
Ya, you might feel a little naked at first, but in no time you’ll own new duds that’ll show off all you’ve become … until the next time.



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