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The comfort of getting back into a routine

Aha Moment Monday

Ahh…..September, the time to get back into the routine.

The kids are back in school and we release the whimsical pattern-less summer for more structure and some sense of normalcy.


We humans certainly operate well with patterns and going back into the routine does sound comforting.


There’s no question that a sound structure will calm the chaos and deliver some predictability.

But does the notion of getting back into a routine sound like you’re facing forward?


Aha –  There’s no going back when growth is in your plan


If you’re looking to add 7% to your sales growth, reduce your waist size by two inches, commit to “date night” every week, improve your vocabulary with 50 new words, finish that 10K in under 50 minutes, or anything else that’s important to you, then your old routine might not cut it.  Some habits from last fall deserve to be kept, others may need to be revisited.


Create a new comfort level designed with your goals in mind, a Fall Routine 2.0, if you will.


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