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Aha Moment Monday

Are you one to think out loud?
I am.
I’ve learned it can be dangerous when I’m just tossing out ideas and people are listening with the expectation of me fulfilling those ideas!
I’m also guilty of “streaming” – allowing the first vision that appears in my mind to be vocalized – especially when I’m asked for solutions.
It can create colourful conversation but I do it anyway.

The other day, in the grocery store, I saw a women at another check-out counter.
She appeared somewhat modest and absorbed in the task of bagging her groceries,  but I couldn’t help notice her pretty dress.  So on my way out of the store, I stopped and complimented her on how nice she looked in that dress.
She was so stunned – looked back at me a couple of times as I walked out of the store – continuing to say, “Thank you, thank you so much”.

So what’s the difference between “thinking out loud” and “speaking your mind”?
Ramana Pemmaraju reframes that question with, “Are you speaking your mind or expressing your feelings?”

Aha – “When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval.”   ~ Shannon L. Alder

The upside to expressing yourself is the feedback you get.
The downside to expressing yourself is the feedback you get.
It doesn’t matter if your expression is purposeful and authentic.

Sometimes silence speaks volumes compared to words.
And other times a “like”, an endorsement, a publication opportunity, an introduction, a referral, a donation, or a thoughtful gift are very appropriate and meaningful expressions.

Say it, do it, give it.
If it matters, it’s worth it.


Jae M. Rang, MAS

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