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Could have. Would have. Should have.

Aha!  Moment Monday

“I am so sorry that I didn’t call you after hearing that your sister passed.”

“Everything about that stock made sense. Had I bought it when I had the chance I could have retired by now.”

“That trip to Italy to visit the family seemed so expensive at the time, but now that they’ve moved back to the States, we’ve lost our free housing and built-in tour guides.”

“The early-bird special popped into my inbox and I dismissed it figuring I’d get to it later. Fat chance of getting an event ticket now.”

“Had I started my exercise and refined eating program three months ago I would be fitting into that dress by now.”

“I thought to hire them at the beginning of the program. That would have put us much further ahead.”

Aha! ~ You regret the things you don’t do more than the things you do

Through a revamp process that included adding strategic members to my team, I recently discovered I had a whole life insurance policy that has been steadily increasing in value since 1987 when I purchased it. It was one good financial decision I made, others not so much.

Now granted sometimes you don’t see the value or repercussions of your choices until years later – hindsight is 20/20 – but it’s the things that you feel compelled to do and don’t that you regret the most.

Linda McLean, CEO & Founder of McLean International, claims that in her years of coaching, she has worked with countless people who are thoughtful, talented and with a keen desire to serve, yet miss out on taking action on things that make a powerful and positive impact on the people in their midst.

“Where they fall short on achieving the level of success they are equipped for…” Linda says “…is not in anyway related to their talent or ability but simply that they don’t act on intention.” Opportunities knock every moment. Opportunities to connect, to compliment, to celebrate, to invest, to hire (or fire), to move, to share, to date, to inspire – in essence, to choose – present themselves at every moment. Linda suggests we carve “deliberate time” – like NOW – to do the things that may not take up much time but feel important as they will ultimately be the things that make the most significant difference.

When your little voice nudges, ACT .. NOW !


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