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Daydream in Colour

Aha!  Moment Monday

My friend, Syliva, held a wonderful pot-luck dinner with a group of friends.  The food and the company were absolutely delightful.

In the spirit of the season, Sylvia asked everyone to bring a wrapped, Secret Santa gift.  There was no monetary value attached to the gift request, only that it be a re-gift, something you received at any time from anyone and wished to put back into circulation.

We moved a tray of two die around our circle as we faced the wrapped gifts.  The rule was, when you rolled doubles, you got to choose your gift.  No doubles came my way regardless of how many times the tray circulated.  Everyone teased that I would be stuck with what was left.  I retaliated with a smile that I would have exactly the right gift for me.

As we opened them one by one they were met with ooohs, awwws, and mostly laughter.  I beamed as I showed off the final gift – mine.  Then Syliva announced that we’d have one more round with the tray, if you rolled doubles that granted you permission to steal another person’s gift.  I participated reluctantly because I absolutely, positively wanted my gift and was relieved when my inability to roll doubles continued.  You see, my default gift was a turquoise pillow cover, imprinted with white clouds and embroidered with the words, “Don’t quit your day dream”.   The Universe delivered an enormous message in that gift and responded so deliberately to keep me going in pursuit of my lofty – yet extremely clear – goals.

Most of us daydream but all too often we squash those dreams before they stand a chance.  We not only question how we’re going to achieve them but question why we might deserve them in the first place.  We excuse ourselves by saying things like, “I’ll do it when I have money…”, “I’ll get to it when I have more time…”, “Well, maybe one day when the kids are gone…” and suppress our spirit  in light of accepting what we have is what should be.

Is it reasonable to expect that we could kick down those mental barriers to go after those daydreams?

Aha!  ~ The only prerequisite to achieving your dream is the decision to do it.

If the vision popped into your head and you got emotionally involved in it, then it must be possible.  And with the understanding that we’re for more talented, more capable and more connected than for which we ever give ourselves credit, perhaps it’s time to step into the frequency of mindfully living in a place of creation.

Ask yourself, “What do I really want?” then allow you unrestricted daydreaming time.  See the vision often and make it more elaborate each time until you move into the vibration of owning it.  Through the process pay attention as you’ll be attracting exactly who and what you need to achieve it.

If hindsight is 20/20 then you couldn’t be in a better place or time.  Create your vision for this time next year when you can look back on 2020 knowing it was yours all along.


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