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Aha! Moment Monday

I think pretty much everyone has read or watched “The Secret”; the message of the Law of Attraction delivered by prominent leaders in personal development and success.

Now, the way I understand it, Law of Attraction states that what you think about you create and that the Law does not discriminate; i.e. anyone at any skill level, background, race, religion, nationality or language can invoke the Law by creating a clear mental picture of what they desire, then move into action.

(Someone in a seminar the other day said, “You don’t attract what you think, you attract who you are.”  That’s deep – and speaks to your state of mind beyond what that picture looks like.  Wow!)

What I discovered is that the Law of Attraction works for both the good and the bad.  Personally I’ve attracted many amazing things – my home, team members, parking spots, $1.2 million at one time, publications, passive income streams, providers – I’ve also attracted disaster by unconsciously focusing on it (ask me about my parasailing experience).  When they say the law doesn’t discriminate –you attract what you think about – they’re not kidding.  I guess it’s like gravity; regardless of who you are or whether or not you believe in gravity, when you jump off that diving board you’re going down!

Here’s the thing: once you create that picture, make a decision to go after your vision, and get moving on that path, the path can look like a series of forks in the road and new doors to open.  Which way do we go?  And when opportunity knocks at those doors, how do we recognize it is part of our plan?

Aha! ~ Open the door

Like a sweater you see in the store-front window, you won’t know for sure it fits until you try it on.

Two things about opportunities:

  1. They never come as fast as they go. “Opportunity comes like a snail, and once it has passed you it changes into a fleet rabbit and is gone.”  ~ Arthur Brisbane
  2. They rarely appear exactly as you envisioned, in fact, they’re often disguised. “Opportunity? Often it comes in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.”  ~ Napoleon Hill
    Perhaps we need to reframe “loss” and know it’s part of the master plan … muahhaha

Think of a cork in the ocean.  It’s without a plan and just allows the waves of mommy nature to dictate its direction.  Cork is lighter than water so, tossed into waves it does what it is designed to do – stay afloat.  That’s it.

We were designed to do way more than simply stay afloat and allow the current of life to dictate our direction.

Give yourself the gift of chance on the next opportunity.  It might fit perfectly!!


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