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Aha Moment Monday

They say that people who don’t have money worry about making it and people who have money worry about keeping it.
Funny – we all have anxiety over something.
In fact, if the anxiety isn’t money-motivated, it’s probably wrapped around work, travel, health, family (ever stress over Christmas?) or any number of things.

Anxiety, no matter how it manifests, is typically fear-related and when the mind gets a hold of something it fears, it can create an unrealistic view of what could be.

My son and I decided to take his niece on her first visit to the CN Tower. The problem? She was hugely afraid of heights.
We promised that we would never put her in a position of danger so, at 10 years-of-age, she trusted us and allowed us to keep walking towards her biggest fear.
She passed the first test – the window elevator – although she was riveted to the wall all the way up.
Next test – the glass floor. Okay so it’s 342 metres up so maybe not totally fair to expect someone with height-anxiety to walk across it.
But she did; first walking the perimeter, then watching others as they boldly lay down and took selfies with the Aquarium on Bremner Blvd. 1122’ below in the background.

Aha – The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it. — Alan Saporta

According to Doctors Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi and their work on the mind-body system, there are two things that we cannot adapt to: one of them is chronic pain, the other is anxiety. Especially what they call, “free-floating” which means the thing you fear is not a specific threat. But often the specific threats are ones we can meet head-on.

If your anxiety IS over a specific issue, the question then, according to the good doctors, and co-authors of: Super Brain, is this: “Is this a problem I should fix, put up with, or walk away from?”

Blaming yourself or someone else for the issue only exasperates and perpetuates the fear and anxiety.
Once you make the decision that you will choose to do one of the three – fix, accept, release – you’ve empowered yourself to conquer the anxiety, you release the stress and return to….ahhh…. peace.
And often the thing you feared wasn’t as bad as your mind made it out to be.

Because of her decision to conquer her fear, Uncle Will got big hugs and the CN Tower became one of William’s niece’s favourite places to visit.

So, what “free-floating” fear is creating doubt and anxiety in your sacred heart?
Become a warrior for peace.

Succeed deliberately!
Jae M. Rang, MAS

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