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Enough with trying, already!

Aha Moment Monday

What would you do differently if you knew your success was in the bag?

If you knew that the outcome was already guaranteed – that you had the contract, got the job, raised the money, won the game, got the girl – what would you do differently … right now?


Now, I’m not suggesting that you’re in possession of your goal, but you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the outcome is a given.


Initially you might not think you would do anything differently so, just for fun, pick something that’s really important to you.

It could be either a short term goal like securing a piece of business or making the train home on time or a longer term vision like acquiring that cottage on the lake or winning that Olympic medal.


Now envision yourself being in possession of that accomplishment.

I’m pretty sure you’re smiling but do you also feel a sense of calm knowing that what you want is already here?


Now bring yourself back to “now” and take your usual next action knowing that you’re already in possession of your goal.

The pressure is off.  It’s a given.  All you need to do is take the steps – that’s all!

No more trying.


Aha – “Do. Or do not.  There is no try.”  ~ The Empire Strikes Back


“Trying” is action towards what you hope is real.  “Doing” is action towards what you know is real.


Clearly picture your goals, even little goals – hitting only green lights, finding the perfect seat in the theatre, meeting the exact person you need to at a networking event, getting the right help to finish the website, finding the ideal words for your presentation –  then move toward it being completely open to pure potentiality.


What you’re seeking is seeking you.

Peek a boo!


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