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Enough with the Newsletters, Already!

Aha! Moment Monday

Paul, the CEO of an association I belong to, recently asked the member audience, “Would you like to receive more emails from us?”  Of course the groan from the floor gave the obvious answer.  Then Paul asked, “Would you like to receive emails from us that contained relevant information that is important to you and your business?”  The crowd immediately perked back up in a wave of nods.

It’s important to recognize that newsletters, email blasts, blogs and the like are informative – everyone has something to say – but is it necessary to share everything with everyone?  I suppose the good thing about written communication – like voicemail – is that you can review it to the extent that you choose on your own time and extract value.  But isn’t it honoring when what lands in your inbox, mail box and most especially within ear shot is positive and of value to you?

Our amazing gift of language means that we have the ability to communicate to anyone, anytime our thoughts, feelings, actions, intentions, changes, products, services, what we saw, what we learned, who was there, why we liked it, bought it, consumed it – or didn’t – and anything else that’s on our minds.  And we do so through flyers, emails, videos, blogs, circulars, post cards, social media and especially in person.  But just because we can, does that mean we should?

Aha! ~ Words have power.  Use them wisely.

~ Epictetus, Greek Stoic philosopher, 055-135 AD said, “First and foremost, think before you speak to make sure you are speaking with good purpose.” at a time when communication platforms were extremely limited, yet his words were never more relevant than they are today.

Epictetus goes on to suggest that if a conversation is not positive and purposeful it can actually be toxic. “It’s not necessary to restrict yourself to lofty subjects or philosophy all the time, but be aware that the common babbling that passes for worthwhile discussion has a corrosive effect on your higher purpose. When we blather about trivial things, we ourselves become trivial, for our attention gets taken up with trivialities.”     “ … a corrosive effect on your higher purpose.”  You see your words may have the power to affect others, but they always have an effect on you.

Being constructive never felt so good.


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