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Aha!  Moment Monday


SLAM! There goes another door!

I feel like a custodian with one of those massive rings of keys from all the doors that have opened and closed in the past year. Each key represents another experience.

And you know, the upside of social media is how easy it is to stay in touch with everyone. If there was a downside to that, it would be that people typically only post the good stuff, which makes it easy to fall into a trap of thinking we might be the only ones challenged and frustrated. (Are you reading this thinking, If only they knew?)

I replied to a post about lousy things happening to good people, suggesting we be grateful for even the nasty things we have endured and for those yet to come. The originator of the post replied to my comment saying that not all things deserve to be forgiven or forgotten. I could feel the pain through those words, pain that comes from facing that closed door.

At any given time, we are ALL evolving through all sorts of experiences. Fortunately, when one door closes, another door opens.

Aha! ~ We get to decide how much time we spend in the hallway.

To move towards joy, freedom, prosperity and living on purpose, we need to first decide how we choose to label a situation and secondly how quickly we pivot in the hallway.

Labelling a situation or event or occurrence or encounter in a negative, unforgiving way is restrictive, it is like refusing to turn away from the closed door (or worse, choosing to re-enter the revolving door!)

Whether it is an illness, shift in finances, exit of key staff member, cancelled business opportunity, relationship betrayal, regulation modification, market turn or unplanned change of any kind, it bites…but for how long?

Maureen St. Germain provides this recommendation for when a door slams shut: Ask a question that starts with “I wonder…”. I wonder how this will all play out? I wonder where this came from? I wonder who will come with me in my next move?

Some doors lock behind you without warning or without you having any say in the matter whatsoever. Staying in wonder helps you both learn the lesson and be totally open to possibilities, coincidences, surprises, and gains. It is in wonder that your burden shifts to wings.

I wonder how different the hallway would feel if the writing on the wall said, “Expansive discovery zone”?

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