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Expect success by creating a vacuum.

Aha Moment Monday

Before Christmas break we did a major purge in our office.

Our friends, family members and local charities loved us with all the things we gave away; in addition, we shredded several bankers boxes of old files.

We started the year with clean shelves and everything in order.

What a great feeling!


It was important to do that – to purge – because we wanted to make way for new business and opportunities in 2016.

Clearing the physical space was in line with our attitude of “ready to receive”.


A friend of mine years ago did the same thing anticipating a new relationship.

She cleared out half of her closet and drawer space making way for her new soul mate to appear.

Not soon afterwards he showed up and last I checked they were living happily ever after.


There’s a difference between hoping for something and expecting something.

When you hope for something, you’re open to the idea that it may or may not show up, and if/when it does, you’ll deal with it then.

When you expect something, you plan for it.


Aha – Create the vacuum first


Nature abhors a vacuum.  As soon as you make space – mentally or physically – it will be filled.  It’s just the way things work.


If you only hope for something, you might not take action of creating space because you’re (secretly) indifferent to the outcome.

When you actually expect something to happen, you WILL create the environment to receive it.  Sometimes that means moving (physically or mentally) into bigger space OR opening up new space – in your budget, in your schedule, on your team, or in your environment.  That requires deliberate action in response to your plan and full expectation of realizing your plan.


Make way for the big stuff.  You ARE ready for it … right??


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Jae M. Rang, MAS

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