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Feeling good just got better

Aha Moment Monday

Which comes first: the emotion or the act?

What I mean is that when something happens we have a response.
Your child is sick = sad and worried.
You land a big proposal = happy and excited.
You forgot about your best friend’s birthday party = guilty and embarrassed.

Conversely, we can also have emotion before an act.
You’re nervous about getting a new haircut.
You’re fearful of making a trip on your own.
You’re ecstatic just thinking about registering for a new course.

Sometimes our emotions are a reaction and sometimes a projection but there is always an emotion.
Could it be then, that our emotions leave hints about our expanding nature?

Aha – “Each emotion we feel is a communication.” ~ Lennox A. Cornwall in, “Embracing Failure: Your Key to Success.”

We experience hundreds of emotions during any given day.
Positive emotions can be real energy boosters whereas negative emotions can be real downers.
Either way there is a message in every single emotion delivered.
What are your emotions telling you?

“If you whisper to someone and they do not hear you, you will talk louder if they still do not hear you, you will shout. And so too do emotions. Their intensity will increase until the message is heard and understood. Better, then, that we listen while they are an audible whisper.” Offers Lennox.

Emotions surface like pool noodles.
Suppressing them is considerable effort and counter-productive.

Emotional mastery is achieved when you recognize why the emotions are there and manage your perception of them.
Picture them with a caption bubble, grasp the message, then choose the emotion that best serve your intended outcome.

It feels good when you choose to feel good, right?


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