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Finding the Similarities in Our Differences.

Aha Moment Monday


We’re all different.

That’s what makes us so interesting!


On any given day our differences can contribute to a significant value or feel like a big source of frustration.


When you put different minds in the room for a brainstorming session, the result is likely far greater than anything you could accomplish on your own.

And when you put different minds in the room to decide on which charity should be this year’s corporate focus, the passion behind each of the options could result in more than one person feeling left out.


We can all agree that you can’t please everyone all the time.

However if you look for the common denominator amongst your group, you’ll engage people sooner and be able to build with everyone’s support.


Take the charity, for example.

Everyone has a reason they support the causes they do.  Either someone in their family was affected by a disease, they are keenly aware of the environmental changes, or they see a growing population in need.

They’re all worthy!  And likely each individual can make a supreme case as to why their charity should be the one of choice.


So .. how do you decide?

Look for the common denominators on which everyone can agree by asking some great questions.


First off, it’s a corporate charity so are you national or regional?  What causes align with the work your company does?  How could you and your cause mutually benefit by engaging and co-branding?  How can your team be involved?


When you set the framework then allow – ALLOW – everyone to constructively input their thoughts and feelings, you not only build a quality choice, you  honor your participants in the process.


Aha – we all want to know that our contributions matter


You see the common denominator may not only be the thing, or the cause, or the outcome; it is also how people feel about their contribution.

When everyone walks away agreeing that they made a quality choice, it’ll have to do with both their confidence, and their involvement, in the final decision.


Using words or phrases like, “no”, “we can’t do that”, “that’s wrong”, “it won’t work” are stifling.  That’s a great way to close off a voice.

Using words or phrases like, “interesting idea”, “thanks for that” or asking a question like, “Can you elaborate on how you see that working?” allows a safe place for everyone to have their say.


People support what they help build and to build the thing you need to build confidence.

To build confidence you need to build human spirit.


Hand me that pedestal, will you, please?

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Succeed deliberately!

Jae M. Rang, MAS

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