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First, Close Your Eyes

Aha moment Monday


For what do you need to see proof before you believe it?


Before you hire someone, do you extensively review resumes and previous performances?

Before you invest in a system, do you read testimonials from institutions similar to yours to verify a track record?

Before you begin a training program, do you verify that individuals like yourself have experienced the results you’re looking for?


For some reason we’ve been conditioned to take a “seeing is believing” attitude.

We look for history in order to make a decision on the future.

That means we’re putting faith in what has already happened to happen again.


To some extent that might offer comfort in the decision-making process but having the expectation that something will be replicated identically is making a decision facing backwards.

While the narration of the past offers record, are we suffocating our beliefs by boxing them in with only what we can see?

In order to breathe in potential, shouldn’t we be closing our eyes to the past?


Aha – believing is seeing


The history, whether it be an individual’s skills, a system or training program all started with an idea.

There was no history; there was only a vision and belief.


In, It’s Not About the Money, author Bob Proctor says, “The reality that you live today is the manifestation of all your past efforts.  This is what has produced your present results.  Your future is open to infinite possibility; it is not dependent on the past.  How you think today will determine the results you achieve from this point forward – the past has no bearing on it.”


People, conditions and circumstances change constantly.  There are no guarantees that what happened before will happen again.

What IS guaranteed is your imagination, which Albert Einstein says, “….is more important than knowledge”.


My money is on you.


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