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Fish out of Water

Aha!  Moment Monday

Are you feeling a little off-balance, tired or unusually emotional lately?

I’m not suggesting you should – everyone responds to life differently – but the word on the street is that the earth is actually going through a physical shift and our bodies are being affected by it.   

Many people have shared with me that they literally feel dizzy, are uncharacteristically exhausted, foggy-brained, ears ringing and even sensing pain that wasn’t there before.  Others are saying they’re just not as hungry as usual, find themselves teetering between feeling rock-solid to controversial or sad and many just don’t feel like themselves.  ( …and you thought you were weird 😊 )

Amidst a political, physical, financial and spiritual shift that is affecting all of humankind, for how much can you take responsibility?  

Aha! ~ Just do your best.

It pains me when I see the pressure many put on themselves to be consistently brave, keep their chin up, maintain positive vibes, cash flow, and be productive, connected, liked, and in great shape.

Yes, we are a sum total of the choices we make, and consistency is king – we know that – but to what credence are we giving a benchmark of kindness along the way?  Staying in loving vibes doesn’t mean you’re knocking it out of the park every day, it simply means you’re being your best.

My friend (and online course guru), Allison Graham, shared in an email exchange today, “I feel more at peace now than I ever have – which is weird given all the unrest in the world, but I love it so I’m embracing it.” Allison took the words out of my mouth.  My sense of calm and feeling grounded is divine and welcome.

I recently bought myself an EMF protection bracelet, practice “mindful eating” (actually added iodine and magnesium to my diet as well as a collagen elixir, bought a juicer – celery in the morning, carrot/apple/ginger/turmeric in the afternoon… full disclosure; they’re the only recipes I know so far LOL), did a “values” exercise and wrote out my “life script” to clarify what’s important, get in nature every single day, write, connect, inspire, question, learn, and the biggest thing: stay present to stay connected.  Is it making a difference? It’s the best I can do. 

A doctor I was listening to asked, “If a fish was swimming in contaminated water and got sick, would you treat the fish or change the water?”  

Our environment needs to change – and it will – and as always, it starts with the (wo)man in the mirror. And as we work to change our “water”, be kind – mostly to yourself first – it’s all good.

Your next Aha! just might be your new favourite! Your community awaits.

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