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The First in the jump-start 2012 series, “Follow the Emerging Leader”

I just read through a valuable “Moving Check List” developed for home buyers. In the same resource was intriguing information about staging your home to attract the best offer as well as some statistics on buying patterns. For instance, did you know that the average home buyer walks through nine homes, searches for eight weeks and moves within 15 km from their current residence?


I’m wondering how these statistics have changed over the years given the presence of the internet. After all, how great is it to be able to view properties with a few clicks and begin the sorting process of discovering your next Home Sweet Home?

Seriously, would you really consider buying a home without the help of a professional Real Estate agent? They know the neighbourhoods, the schools, trends, and are naturally on the look-out for structural and mould issues. They’re best at taking the emotion out of negotiations and helping you to decide what’s right for you.

Neal* and Fraser, are a local Remax team. Though I haven’t yet met them, I already know they’re pros. I recently plugged in their “Key to Toronto” USB to realize they’ve given me an abundance of empowering resources (including their resume, moving support programs, market info and pertinent links).

My point?

I believe their success is definitely due in part to their ability to effectively educate and communicate incorporating multiple sources of media.

This team has embraced an integrated marketing campaign that interconnects all forms of media (and for the record, I consider the agents part of that media mix …people are amazing ambassadors!)

Over the next series of BLOGS we’ll discuss strategies, case histories and philosophies of today’s leaders.

The new economy demands we be different.

Let’s go boldly into 2012, shall we?

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*Marian Neal, a partner in Neal and Fraser, is a fellow Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) member.

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