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The second in this series

Generation Y is a new breed of workers. They’re global thinkers, want flexibility in the work place, are always connected, and reinvented the word “instant”. They’re confidently ambitious, team-oriented and love attention.

While Gen Y’s are expected to change careers several times during their adult working years (gone is the ‘get a job and collect a pension’ mindset), they typically “interview” potential employers before making their choices. In fact, these Millennials, as they’re also known, align themselves with companies based on specific criteria over and above the usual: salary, conditions, location, etc.

One of those distinguishing factors will be the company’s engagement and commitment in social responsibility. Gen Y’s are more openly cause-oriented than any other generation and want to know their employment includes opportunities to invest their “change” energy into community programs or initiatives. They want to make a difference.

Sound familiar?

One way to capture their attention is, while they’re still in school, to sponsor their education. It’s a win/win/win. What’s in it for you?
• You’re investing in our country’s economic future by supporting qualified students who might otherwise not be financially able to continue their education
• You’re ahead of the game by being first to meet qualified, potential new hires through the scholarship application process
• You’re keeping your finger on the generation pulse by creating an opportunity to market and dialogue with students and faculty
Speaking of dialoguing remember these Gen Y’s are immersed in multi-forms of communications and instant messaging. Their attention is shifting constantly. Keep your message top of mind by incorporating a tangible communication piece that integrates with other on-line resources and has the staying power like no others.

As the Chair of the PPPC Scholarship program http://www.marketingedgemagazine.com/feature4.htm this is one piece we designed to educate and engage both students and supporters.

It’s way more than a logo-on-a-product.
How are you sharing your social responsibility story?

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