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From a Point of Interest

Aha Moment Monday

If you have a chequing account whereby you keep a minimum balance, you are likely earning interest.
Conversely, if you have a mortgage or line of credit or any other borrowed money, you’re likely paying interest.
Then of course there is interest on credit cards, interest in investments and interest that your sharp kid charges you when you forgot you borrowed $20 from his piggy bank.

One way or another, money has a way of commanding our interest.
It’s a given – an accepted practice – that somehow, somewhere money will generate interest.

What about OUR interest?
Is it a given that in other aspects of our lives – physical, mental or spiritual – that we’re operating from a point of interest?
If that’s the case then why do we eat foods with chemicals, spend more time with our smart phones than our friends, and limit our time in nature?
Are those actions and attitudes in our best interest?

Aha – “Thinking about our interest opens up our thinking to include those things that will enhance our lives.” Kathy Petrowsky, Ph.D.

According to Kathy in her recent edition of: Decisive Moments, when you operate from a point of wants and needs – vs. from a point of interest – you are focused on what is familiar which tends to be limited and limiting.
The habits and relationships you develop from a perspective of wants and needs don’t always serve your interest.

So, what IS your interest?
Is it to develop your talents and abilities as well as your relationships with your family members, colleagues and associates? And does your interest have anything to do with living a healthy, active lifestyle and enjoying all the landscape and culture that our amazing planet has to offer?

If you ever thought that acting in your own best interest was selfish, listen to Kathy’s advice.“It is in our interest to care for ourselves, to care for others who are important to us, to develop our talents, and so on. Focusing on our interests confirms that we have a stake in our lives.”

Don’t you just love the power of choice?

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