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Fruits of Our Labour

We live in a microwave society.

We have come accustomed to instantaneousness.

Can’t remember the name of the star in that 1979 movie? Google it.

Need quick relief from a headache? Pop it

Want to consume the latest from your favourite author? Download it.

Need a part for your computer? Amazon it.

And of course, when the kids are hungry for dinner, microwave it.

Like all conveniences, instantaneousness has impacted us both positively and negatively. Who needs to keep phone numbers, addresses or any data in our brains when it’s all on the cloud? Why would we step away from the computer and go for a brief nature walk when we can pop a pill and keep going? Why chop, peel and stir, when you can suppress those hunger pangs at the press of a button?

Here are a few challenges I see with this microwave society.

  • We give into child-like tendencies of short-term thinking
  • We interpret fixes for solutions that don’t support our overall health and well-being
  • We rely on conveniences and become lost when they are unavailable
  • We lose patience in materializing our biggest dreams

Aha! ~ The last thing to grow on the fruit tree is the fruit.

Conveniences are designed to move things quickly yet come at a price. Conveniences appear to be clever shortcuts but the truth is, they often detract from us becoming our healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilled.

What would society look like if everyone slowed down their process to think, evaluate and take responsibility for the impact of these conveniences? How sweet would be that fruit?

Let’s take that 30,000-foot look at some shortcuts and see which ones are self-sabotage. Check out the conversation on our A Human Approach Youtube channel entitled, Fruits of Our Labour.

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