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Get Ready to Rumble

We used to host our clients with a hospitality suite, education session, and oodles of gifts at an annual industry promo expo. Each year we themed our time together.

One year the theme was, “Infusion”; the presentation included clever ways to incorporate SENSORY MEDIA – aka promotional products – and one of the gifts was a glass water bottle with an insertion that held fresh fruit.

Another year the theme was, “The stars come out at lunch” and we did spectacular personalized gifts for all the stars – aka clients – who attended.

One that stands out for me today was, “Take a hike”. We armed the attendees with knapsacks and gear for their hike on the show floor and invited executives – and master hikers – from Scouts Canada to deliver a presentation on being prepared. We had fun comparing our tools – like a 20-liter knapsack that doubled as a 20-catalogue knapsack – and nodded that their protective footwear would beat our high heels on a long day hands-down. We agreed Band-Aids belonged on both hikes.

Being only a day hiker, myself – not an outdoor survivalist by any means – listening to the Scouts team describe why they chose the tools they did and under what circumstances they’d be useful, I realized the adversity and potentially life-threatening situations one could encounter. I was unaware of how to prepare.

Let me ask you this: if the power went out and the internet went down, the gas stations couldn’t pump gas, the grocery stores couldn’t process online payments for food, the banks couldn’t disperse cash from the instant machine, and no services – heat, electricity, water – were being delivered to your home or place of business, how long could you survive? Do you have the resources and tools on hand, including alternate sources of currency, to keep going for any length of time?

Most of us living today have not experienced real hardship. Sure, we’ve all had financial setbacks, health challenges, losing loved ones too early, some bad weather lashes, and plenty of disappointments as we build our careers, but for the most part, we enjoy clean, running water at the exact temperature we desire at the turn of a tap and sleep in a comfy bed at night. We have our cell phones to connect with one another, ample shops with more than ample choices of food, clothing, housewares, tools, and games available, transportation options, both income and credit resources, and community.

But what if, one day, that shut down….overnight….without warning. Could you adapt?

Aha! ~ “Only someone who is well-prepared has the opportunity to improvise.” ~ Ingmar Bergman

As the world and how we operate within it continues to shift, having some backup supplies, life skills, essential tools, great health, and an alternate means by which to trade will instill confidence.

Seek the advice of those who see what’s next and be ready to rumble

“Life belongs to the living and he who lives must be prepared for changes.” ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Well, it seems Facebook took my word “bomb” out of context and I am in jail for a month; can’t host anything live or post in groups.  Talk about sensitive censoring!  SO … hop on over to our new YouTube channel to catch a very timely conversation on getting ready for what’s next.  See you there!

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