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Aha!  Moment Monday


The universe is not linear. There is no finite beginning or end and everything in it has a cycle. That’s what makes predicting outcomes possible, by understanding cycles.

Think of our little solar system, the relationship we have with the sun and moon and its effect on us. On a bright, sunny day we feel happy because of the endorphins released in our system as a result of the radiation from the sun. A full moon, on the other hand, can make us feel like, well, lunatics. We understand the cycles and effects and experience predicable results.

Understanding who we are, and the effects of our environment, is the difference between happiness and success or misery and sliding backwards.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that we miss in-person conferences and events and are rather exhausted with online learning. While some of the sessions might be fun in terms of meeting with like minds and getting a good information download, are the online sessions in alignment with our learning cycles? Do we experience positive change after six hours of streaming?

Aha! ~ Learning works best when you pay attention to the AGES.

Let’s agree that the purpose of learning is to change behaviour. That means we need to understand how we learn in order for the learning to be remembered. The Neuroleadership Institute advises we pay attention to AGES.

Attention: need to be focused on one thing with no distractions

Generation: need to generate associations to link new ideas to existing knowledge

Emotion: need strong emotions to activate the hippocampus (part of the brain associated with memory)

Spacing: need a gap between learning, ideally an overnight

If you want your sessions to be behaviour-changing, deliver them in 50-minute chunks, make the learning relatable, space the content out over time with opportunities for participants to talk about what they’re learning along the way. And while “fun” might sound like the ultimate gravitational force to put bums in seats, programs that focus on activating habits are far more effective in the long haul.

And when we see positive change in our habits and our results, we will be far more apt to return to the classroom to activate the next cycle.

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