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Aha Moment Monday

In Canada, at this time of year, you hear the term “spring cleaning” a lot.


When everything was covered in a white blanket and the chilly air required layers of protective clothing, we held “spring” in our minds as our incentive to push through knowing that “spring” never disappoints.


It rains a little more at this time of year but, coupled with the added daylight, nature is clearly encouraging life to blossom.  The fresh, aromatic air is filled with negative ions generated from the rain.  It’s so energizing and all the more reason to open our windows. And when we do, we’re treated to the sounds of children giggling as they toss the ball, play tag and climb the monkey bars.  Sometimes those sounds are drowned out by leaf-blowers, lawn mowers and power-washers but they’re all welcome signs that spring is in the air.


At this season change, everyone arises from hibernation to begin to de-clutter, give everything a good scrub, get organized, and welcome back outdoor living.  It’s somewhat of a seasonal ritual that feels so good!


Jonathan Fader, Ph.D. writes in Psychology Today,  “While spring cleaning has the obvious benefits of an organized closet, a sparkling counter top, and possibly more open spaces, more importantly, it has been associated with improved mood, decreased stress and heightened creativity.”


With that in mind, should the inspiration that “spring” represents need only be seasonal?


Aha ~  Make spring a habit.


When you’re overwhelmed with toppling piles and disorganized spaces, these distractions are likely adding to your stress level.  Cleaning, sorting and organizing can be time-consuming but the psychological benefits of an efficient, productive environment are well worth it.


Spring is invigorating.  Spring is inspiring.  Spring tends to lift your spirits, fill you with hope, open your eyes to new possibilities with renewed energy, and breathe imaginative life into your dreams and aspirations.  So, anytime you want to get your “creative” on, think spring!


“Spring is nature’s way of saying, let’s party!”   ~ Robin Williams


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