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We just returned from the Canadian Junior Golf Championships in Surrey, B.C. www.golfcanada.ca What an incredible experience seeing these talented youth. The RCGA and host course, Morgan Creek, treated the juniors with such respect as did the players in return. What a professional event.

Naturally I paid close attention to the kids opening their ‘swag bags’ to see their reaction to the welcome gifts and information. (Often companies and associations toss whatever into the bags to expose sponsors but give less attention to the individual receiving the package.)

This package was well done. Two things in particular caught my eye as well as the participants’.

1) The means of identification, as they were keepsakes – money clips, actually – and donned the Canadian Juniors championship insignia. The players wore them on their belts in order to have access to the practice range and privileged areas.

2) The hats, as the sponsor – Adidas – put their logo in second place giving front exposure to the event. It wasn’t just a random hat.

Why did I think these were clever choices?

Of most importance, any welcome pack should be relevant to the recipient. It’s great to include sponsored items but if the user isn’t interested, the gift is a waste. That’s one difference between a “giveaway” and a “give for”; the “giveaway” is random, the “give for” is purposeful.

The other difference is that they took a necessary item – the name badge – and made it useful beyond the event, again, keeping the recipient in mind in its design. There are ways of creating name badges and identification that are recyclable however a memento that may be integrated into a player’s lifestyle will continue to bring back the memories of the challenges and the accomplishments. (Did you know that just by touching an item you can stimulate cells of recognition in the brain that will enable you to relive the experience of receiving that gift?)

One thing I would have definitely changed was the bag itself. The generic plastic could have given way to an eco tote or shoe bag which offers an amazing canvas to tell a story with staying power. It’s all about “Inspiring Results on Purpose”.

Oh, and the reason we were there in the first place? My son, William, was one of the top golfers in the country who qualified to compete. He landed in the top 20 (not bad for someone who is only in his fourth season of lessons) and I enjoyed supporting him and experiencing an event like many others we work on professionally. www.brazzers.com High touch in a high tech world.

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