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Give Deliberately

The economists are suggesting another slowdown is upon us.  They’re even using the “R” word so we batten down the hatches and prepare to run lean.

At the height of the last recession when the world was turned upside down, it was anything but business-as-usual.  Everything changed.

In a concerted effort to sort through what was important and how we could reformulate ourselves to be more relevant and “on purpose” in the new economy, my coach, Paul, asked me, “Think of a time when you were at the top of your game:  what did that look like, and what were you doing?  Now go recreate that.”

Sounded simple enough, except we had far more resources pre-recession … or did we?

When I dug down and gave Paul’s questions serious consideration, I realized that I had two disciplines that were ongoing practices that delivered a multitude of intangible benefits.  I was communicating regularly (writing, speaking, engaging, etc.) and 20% of my work time was given away freely to build beyond my own organization.

But when the going gets tough, is it not prudent to conserve your resources and wait out the storm?  How do you justify time for others when it’s consuming enough just to stay your own course?

Aha! ~ To move forward you have to give back

Yes, you need to be responsible to your business and family, but cutting out has the same effect as hoarding: you stop the flow of energy towards you by not sending it outward in the first place.

By choosing to extend your time resources, you expand your learning by working with organizations outside your industry, you expand your skills by building projects and initiatives you wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to do, and you expand your network by developing supportive relationships that could never have materialized any other way.

Whether you’re giving expertise, an ear, clothing, a referral, committee time, an endorsement, leadership, a voice, money, a ride, child-minding, or a chance, you’re opening the door to receive your deserved abundance.  Of course, you don’t give to get – you give because you can, because it feels amazing to do so, and because we all rise when you do. Giving and receiving are part of the same equation so you’ll never have one without the other.

Give deliberately.

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