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Go Deep!

Aha! Moment Monday

A local personal trainer was presenting to an adult audience and began his speech suggesting that our relationship to the toilet was one of significance.
You can imagine the expressions on each attendee’s face not knowing where he was going with this.

Of course he had everyone’s attention … and we laughed when he described that our ability to easily squat became of greater importance as we age.
He easily conveyed his value as a fitness partner with everyone wishing to maintain their bathroom independence well into their senior years.

Different muscles are used for different activities.
When we do something new our muscles let us know.   The fibers actually break down and reconfigure themselves in a newer, stronger fashion.
So that “burn” is actually a good thing!

And what about the mental muscles?  Do we actively practice strengthening our memory or ability to organize numbers or do we rely on Google and a calculator?
What about the ability to focus and stay the course of our intentions?
“When you set out to master the movements of attention … you realize how much is dominated by sensory impressions and by a drifting of the tides of idle moods.”  ~ Neville in The Power of Awareness

In this day of overwhelming and ongoing distractions and “sensory impressions”, it’s easy to see how exercising our mental muscles could advance us.
But we don’t.  It can’t be that we’re simply reacting to life.

Aha!  ~  It’s easier to work the muscles we see than the ones we don’t.

When we work our quads, the developed muscle and ability to control our movements becomes apparent.  So how do we develop and measure our attention?

Neville suggests this exercise to test and work your awareness muscle.  When you climb into bed at night, mentally review the day in reverse order.  It’s not easy but it will help you develop and control your attention and concentration.

“When you attain control  of the internal direction of your attention, you will no longer stand in shallow water but will launch out into the deep of life.  You will walk in the assumption of the wish fulfilled as on a foundation more solid even than earth.”  Neville concludes.

As the QB says to the receiver, “Go deep!!”  You’re on solid ground.


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