A Human Approach

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Aha! Moment

It’s been said that a company is known by the people it keeps.

It’s true.  One experience with one individual can determine your impression of an entire company.  Regardless of the advertising campaign, the social media posts, the cool products or groovy slogans, one interaction with a team member can have you singing the praises or running to the competition.

So, who is on your team?  Are you focused on raising super stars?

John Wooden says, “The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team”, in other words we never accomplish anything on our own.  So if each of us holds the responsibility for bringing our best self to the table, does that mean that part of that role means lifting others in the process?

Aha! ~ “The best team doesn’t win nearly as often as the team that gets along best.” ~ Dr. Rob Gilbert

There is a natural mix that occurs regardless of the size of the group whether it’s a small committee for a charity initiative or an international corporation.  Even in families there is a mix of introverts, extraverts, analytics, comedians, pillars of strength, inspirers, drainers and doers.  We feed off and balance off one another.

Shared value is that unifying force.

A combination of individual strengths builds a capable team but team spirit is a definite competitive advantage.

A successful team beats with one heart.


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