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The Good, the Bad, and the Opinion.

Aha Moment Monday.

Do you follow the news?

Some people are obsessed with keeping up and others find blissfulness in being less-informed.

Being up-to-date on current issues is great for conversation-starters at networking events (which can be awkward at the best of times).

I’ve also found that asking a generic question about a hot topic to a small group is a great way to learn about people’s preferences and more about them in general (you can learn a lot about a person by their opinion).

Sometimes I’m puzzled about what makes headlines in the news, though.  I question that some of the stories warrant our attention.

I wonder if it’s that the news day is slow and they need something to report, or if it’s my opinion on the topic itself that’s tainting my opinion on its newsworthiness! (did you get all that?)

In other words I’m not all that interested in the report this morning about the changes in facial features of Kim K ; but she has way w-a-y more followers than I do.  What she does is obviously of interest to many.

I guess the question is, how much of the news do you allow to affect your life?

Do your views or actions on a subject change based on what’s in the news?

Are you more likely to dislike a race, feel less safe, question a politician or blame a nation for something reported in the news?

Aha –  reality is what you make it

A friend of mine had her knapsack stolen right under her nose at the check-in counter in an airport recently.  The knapsack contained her laptop, wallet, cell phone, her mother’s jewellery and pictures of her trip.  She was devastated and posted the incident on Facebook.  Love poured in from her friends which made her feel better.

Two days later a custodian at the airport found the knapsack in a trash disposal bin.  He called the last number on the cell phone (turned out to be my friend’s daughter) and, long story short, the airlines returned the knapsack to my friend in her home country.

Okay, so my friend’s knapsack was returned void of money and yes, we do question politicians sometimes, but the point is, what you focus on in a story is the reality you create about it.

If you’re focused on the theft, you’ll likely be less trusting and more guarded.

If you’re focused on the number of people involved in returning the possessions, then you’ll likely have a higher degree of faith in humanity.

Shape your world, one story, one snap shot, one opinion at a time.

Oh, and choose the good ones!

Succeed deliberately!

Jae M. Rang, MAS

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