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Aha! Moment Monday

Have you ever read this quote before: “Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.”?  I suppose it makes sense because other people can only see you through their eyes and their conditioning and through the limited glimpses they get of you.

A similar quote, posted by the Abundant Society was, “Never let the opinions of others become the measure of your self-worth.” Judgement is man-made and can have us comparing ourselves in the least-deserving ways.

Those opinions can impact us to the degree to which we change course, second-guess ourselves, deny ourselves opportunity, down play our capabilities, or the opposite; try and live up to labels and expectations others impose on us.  Is that living in integrity?  But what if they’re right?

How do we decipher what’s useful without arrogantly discarding feedback entirely?

Aha! ~ “Be mindful of the importance of constructive feedback and protect yourself from all the rest.”  Glenn Garnes, Founder: Village Connector Community

Two words of significance: “mindful” and “protect”.  Glenn explains, “You can’t allow yourself focus on the opinions of others (but) we must be open to constructive feedback from those who have proven themselves to be our advocates.”

When you’re developing a product or service in your business you pour over research and relish quality survey responses.  You want what you have to solve a very specific problem for your clients and fully enhance their lives as a result.  Having said that, it’s still crucial to know who you are as a brand and not veer from your values to try and be something you’re not.  (We’ll see through that in a heartbeat.)

“Advocates” in business will open doors and encourage us because they believe in who we are, but sometimes we need to hear from those who aren’t our biggest fans.  The latter oftentimes becomes our greatest supporters because we listened and responded.

What you need, whether it’s for business or personal development, is to grow sensitive antennae to tune into “resonance radio”.  Now “resonance” doesn’t mean it will always feel good – sometimes it hurts – but when you listen through your values, you know when you’re hearing something for a very good reason. It becomes directional or pivotal.  That’s when you put on your headphones and can crank up the volume.

The brilliance about this station? You can switch it off at will.
I think it’s time for a little Monday morning music.  “…feel the thunder, thunder…”


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