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Healthy Choices are Risky

Did you ever wonder why you continue to do something, eat something or believe something that you know full well is not healthy for you?

We all do it. Self-sabotage behaviour is common.

We learn that sugar is more addictive than cocaine and causes havoc to our beautiful body however we call it a “treat” and eat it with pleasure. We experience relationship or media toxicity but continue to welcome it into our precious mind zones. We recognize the harm of EMF waves but give in to the addiction to our phones and brain-damaging ear pods.

Our intelligent mind can do the research, read the data, and witness the effects yet we continue to eat the poison, scramble our mind and reduce our capacity.

What happened to, “When you know better, do better”?

Aha! ~ Self-sabotage ensures a predictive outcome.

And predictive outcomes are safe outcomes.

Why is that important to note? Because the brain’s number one goal is to keep you safe. The brain is always picking up on patterns to ensure you stay safe and comfy even if it goes against all logic.

The majority of the patterns and programming your brain is unconsciously paying attention to are cleverly designed, and consistently delivered, in a manner that keeps you from being your healthiest, wealthiest and wisest self. And if you dare rise up, challenge the beliefs of your tribe, and choose to self-empower, you’ll risk feeling safe.

Risk it anyway. You’re worth it.

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