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History in the Making

Aha! Moment Monday

Do you study history?

It was never my favourite subject in school. In hindsight I believe it was not because it wasn’t interesting, but because of the way it was taught. I remember that to pass history exams you needed to memorize multiple players and timelines and I guess I didn’t see the value in holding those stats in my head when they were readily available in a book somewhere.

Ironically, I now study history on a daily basis. I find it fascinating to look at the world galactically, spiritually, economically, and politically, then turn back the hands of father time to trace who made what decision when, why they did, and how that resulted in what we have now. It was the relevance that was missing in the way school taught it all.

Here’s the thing: given that one of our unique intellectual factors is “memory”, and that our subconscious mind sees everything – misses nothing – our past, in all its experiences, can easily become our repetitive present.

Aha! ~ Instead of just studying history, why not make history?

History repeats itself when you stop asking questions, take your hands off the tiller and allow your programming – or worse, someone else’s programming – to write your book.

Everything goes in cycles and of course, everything happens for a reason, so when you invest in researching multiple sources – versus consume only from the assigned textbook – and entertain a variety of perspectives, the connections begin to make sense.

That knowledge is powerful but how you apply that knowledge – using your gift of “reason” – is your superpower.

On my desk is a framed picture of Snoopy sitting on his house and with his typewriter he writes, “Happiness is writing your own story”.

Oh, and when writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen 😊

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