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Holiday Floatation

It’s that time of year when everyone appears to be going full throttle in a frenzy of shopping, visiting, and work-tasking in an effort to clear their desks, their minds, and their calendars – or in my case, my bank account – of anything extra in advance of well-deserved holidays.

It’s this unpredictable balance of joy and stress as we party-hop, power-shop, and over-toil.

Personally, I start early, partly to stretch out the happy season and afford myself time to enjoy the abundance of seasonal tasks and events, and partly because whether it’s Christmas, an anniversary, or your birthday, celebrating – leading up to or on the occasion – is when the magic happens, to me.  It’s not that any other day of the year isn’t a great time to get together with those we love, but I feel the fireworks of the celebration are a little fizzled out once the date has passed.

Of course, that’s me, and my attitude and desire aren’t always met with a loving embrace or agreement.  One extended family member responded to my text request to visit with a list of their planned commitments and welcomed me to leave my gifts for them on their porch.

Now, if you were to describe the sentiments of the season, what words would you use?  Would they be words like giving, grateful, and joyous… or commercialized, stressful, and exhausting?  Are we torn between that which we believe we ought to do, what we’re called to do, or what we are counted on to do, losing sight of what our soul wants to do?

Aha!  ~  What the season is not, is a time to drown in a sea of expectations

Whether those expectations are yours of the perfect Hallmark Family Christmas or others who see the festivities playing out far differently than you, not meeting expectations can be one reason why the season takes its toll.  A little shift in expectations – or simply being open to possibilities – can help you float through the season peacefully.

And today, I’ll exchange my usual Succeed Deliberately signature with my personal mantra:  Live from the heart.  Be a best friend.  Enjoy every moment.
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