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Hot Sauce Builds Rapport

Aha Moment Monday

I like a good dose of protein in the morning so I started making egg white omelets with colourful, sautéed veggies and cheese.
I thought I created the perfect breakfast until one day I sprinkled a little hot sauce on it.
Amazing that just a tiny bit of spice made such a flavourful difference.

So I decided to expand on my relationship with hot sauce and experiment with other dishes I could enhance.
Hot sauce kicked everything up a notch.

Then I started adding a little bit of my own “hot sauce” – the proverbial kind – in other areas to see what effect it might have.
I started not just “liking” people’s posts but actually sharing some insights, opinions or encouragement.
I started not just accepting customers’ requests but challenging them a little with some new questions to ensure we were providing the perfect solution.
I started asking people, “What are you working on?” to see if I could help in some way.

Yes, asking the question, “What would hot sauce do?” took some getting used to but the new spice is bringing enhanced value everywhere.
Comments are creating conversations, questions are generating innovation and my offer to help is frequently returned with interest in my goals.

Aha – hot sauce builds rapport

You see my hot sauce usage didn’t stop at my omelet, that’s where it began!
A squirt here, a dash there, and my taste buds are dancing and my relationship with hot sauce is always expanding.

By adding a little proverbial hot sauce to my conversations, I’ve expanded on those relationships as well.
The conversation doesn’t end at the “like” or the “request” or the “Nice to see you again”, the conversation is actually just getting started!

Building and enhancing rapport deepens your relationships.
And let’s face it: we’re not companies dealing with companies, we’re people dealing with people.
Relationships matter.

Put that *$&# on everything!


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