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CHALLENGE #5: How can I attract attention at a trade show without spending a lot of money?

SOLUTION: Making a trade show work is serious business.  That’s why we have our R.O.I.+ for Trade Shows * program; to help you maximize results on this significant investment.

But if you want one quick idea here it is:  run a repeatable contest during the show.

Whether people register through ipads, fill in ballots, pick up something with a specific number, doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you collect some level of quality information from the individuals (gathering a qualified list after the show is golden).  Then on a regular basis – once per hour/day/morning (you choose the intervals) – draw a winning name or number and have the show announce it.  People love to win things and they will be listening to the P.A. system for their name or number AND people who have not stopped by your booth will be inclined to do so for their chance to win.

You collect data and have your company name announced several times during the course of the show and your revisit with the prize winner brings you just a little closer together.


R.O.I.+ for Trade Shows is our exclusive program to walk you through the elements of a successful event and ensure that each element feeds your purpose. R = Reach out, O = Onsite activity, I = Invitation to purchase and the + is the charity element.  An initial consultation and program outline is $560, program gifts, materials and training are in addition.  Trade shows should be an investment not an expense.

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