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CHALLENGE #11: How can I get people to my website after an event?

SOLUTION: Hand out consecutively numbered pens

I know what you’re thinking, “Hand out a pen at an event?  Is that the oldest idea in the book?”  Yes but with a new twist….that works.

With variable data imprinting you can print pens that are consecutively numbered.  When your attendee receives, you draw their attention to the number on the pen pointing out it’s their personal number.  Share also the contest details and that they need to check your website regularly to see what they’ve won.

Draw numbers on a regular basis for prizes and post those numbers on your website.  Not only will people visit your website but they’ll return for the duration of the contest.

If it’s too cumbersome to make the prizes tangible, use virtual gifts like downloads, coupons, or education.  Be sure to post something about some of your winners to validate redeemed prizes and make it human.

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