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How to Party: Corporate Version

Aha! Moment Monday

There is a shift in trends as to whom and how we trust.

I’m wondering if trends and patterns abide by Newton’s first law of motion:  an object either remains at rest or in motion unless acted on by a force.

The object?  Our behavioural pattern.  We go along doing the same thing, like using plastic bags, until a force – the impact of the resulting effect of that pattern, like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – makes us stop.

This shift might actually be Newton’s second law in action as a “trust” pendulum is swinging back.
Here’s what I mean.

Once upon a time in a small village we all bought and traded products and services from one another.  We trusted and supported our village then discovered other villages with new products and services.  In a short time we got global and put our money and trust in the big corporates.

Like a well-crafted boomerang, our money is returning home as we desire to do business with boutique firms and ideally our own village.

Now it’s human nature to want to explore but what is it about this trend suggesting that we’re choosing to support locals despite the world being our oyster?

Aha! ~ Small town service never goes out of style

I imagine that between us we could come up with an extensive list as to why we’re bringing our money back home but would likely agree on one particular “force”: that we essentially want to deal with people we like and trust.

Large firms that depersonalized their operations fell short of our expectations in remembering we’re human.  Great product selection and slick platforms are definitely a priority, but we can become embittered when quality and service suffers and we’re expected to be okay taking second place behind operations.

Like PowerPoint to a presenter, technology is supposed to support the process not replace it.

I equate quality, caring people to colourful sprinkles on a donut. The plain donut would supply the sugar rush but it’s the sprinkles that create the party in your mouth.

And who doesn’t like a good party?

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