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How’s That Working For You?

Aha! Moment Monday

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

I mean, when you’re working towards something and life isn’t presenting what you want in the way you envisioned – perhaps you feel a little victimized or out of control – what do you do about it?

Do you try something different? Do you take a break? Do you grind until you find the answers? Do you look for a sympathetic ear? Do you throw in the towel altogether?

In the past, when things weren’t coming together, I tended to dig in deeper. I bought into the “no days off” mindset and “the grind” trying to think and work my way through stuff. Anyone else?

The problem I discovered with that behaviour is that when you continue to work even harder, doing activities that aren’t bringing you the results you want, you simply get more of what you don’t want. And in my case, I would land in martyrsville witnessing friends and colleagues joyfully experience life while I confined myself mostly to the trenches putting enduring pressure on myself to figure it out. And interesting, that I had an endless bucket of steam and encouragement to keep both my belief and myself, going. I lived with the paradigm that the price of the good life was through suffering; admitted to not having a proper vacation in several years and cheating myself in the self-care department.

I humbly admit I was wrong …. or let’s just say I hit a point of awareness when I realized that belief no longer served me.

What I have learned through my studies is that not only are humans gifted with talent, intellect, tools and ability that is limited only by our imagination, we are created to live joyfully and abundantly – by design – but for too long I wasn’t sure it applied to me. But as Abraham Hicks puts it, if you are stressed or even miserable then you are simply out of alignment. Feeling enslaved completely contradicts our spiritual nature. It’s sinful when the enslavement is in our own minds.

But choosing freedom can be scary territory. Freedom requires that you liberate yourself from binding beliefs and detach from the physical. It requires that you admit that you don’t have it all figured out but are okay with that. It requires that you openly say, “I don’t know” and rather than feeling useless or continuing to look down – a.k.a. “the grind” – you look up. Freedom requires that you trust that you will always find a way knowing you are connected to infinite possibility.

When you are stressed and struggling it simply means you are going against the flow which, by the way, does nothing but create barriers and exhaustion.

Our evolution, at this precise time, demands our awareness of pure potentiality in the unknown and to focus on releasing old patterns and getting into action with what brings us joy. The process IS going to bring up a gamut of emotion – guaranteed – feel it all and let shift happen.

Aha! ~ Our time is now.

In the spirit of each of us choosing to live authentically, I invite you to discover ALL of what that means for you through our Aha! insiders Club. Our next LIVE zoom Q&A is October 13 at noon eastern. I CAN’T WAIT!!! …. and happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends celebrating today 😊

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