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I See it Now

What subliminal repetitions are you subject to?

That’s an unfair question because if the message is subliminal, your conscious mind isn’t seeing it, right?  Which means you’re not aware of it.

Let’s do a quick environment audit, shall we?

Look around your desk or workstation or kitchen counter, wherever you are reading this blog.  What is in your immediate environment that is there routinely?  Maybe it’s a picture, a clock, a pen, a candle, an award, a notebook, a calendar, a screensaver, a magnet, or a vase.  Is there a graphic panel or something written on it?  How many times a day do you look at it?  And how many times a day do you see it?  (Those are two different questions.)

If that clock or calendar, fridge magnet or screen saver is always in view, it’s likely subliminal.  Rarely might you read the words, consciously acknowledge the brand, or pause to deliberately take in the message, but your subconscious mind will see it thousands of times a second and records the message each time.

Now, likely you put all those things there deliberately because they make you smile but what about the things you didn’t?  I remember in my grandma’s kitchen she had a plaque on the wall that said, “A man works from sun to sun but a women’s work is never done.”  What effect do you think that had on my programming?  I didn’t realize that the sitcoms I watched years ago were all centered around coffee shops.  For fun I watched a few minutes of reruns to count the coffee references. I found there were hundreds in just a few minutes of an episode.  It’s no wonder coffee became an earlier way of life in both business and social circumstances, but I don’t recall choosing that it be.  

Aha! ~ Choose an environment that propels you to being your best self.

Your mind is anything but complacent.  It records millions of messages daily as it continually scans your environment, notes potential dangers, and works to keep you safe and comfy.  Safe and comfy usually means to blend in and seek routine because that is where there is perceived safety. 

But does safety serve your highest good?

Once someone points out a subliminal message, you become aware – you see it – and you can never not see it again.  We need to get good at becoming the observer of ourselves and to challenge ourselves to look for repetitive content in our environment – physical environment, movies, TV, music, self-talk, messaging in all aspects – and learn to surround ourselves with what helps us grow.

On my office wall you’ll see art that says, “My Health is My Wealth”, “I have love in my heart and money in my pocket”, and “Source: thank you for guiding people to me that I can be of service to for their highest and best good.  I am SO grateful.”

What do you see?

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