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CHALLENGE #4: I sell cars. How can I get people talking about me?

SOLUTION: Talk about them.

Car dealerships and sales people are notorious for talking about themselves.  Everything is about their brand, their models, their service programs, their safety records and yes, they are all vitally important in the conversation about purchasing.  But when the customer leaves the dealership are they talking about their sales person or about the brand or their decision?

Here’s something to get people talking about your for weeks after each sale.

Take a picture of you handing over the keys in their new car then put the picture in a key ring for the new car owner.  Make sure the customer is front and centre in the picture but be there as well.  When they share the picture with their friends and tell the story about their new car purchase you will be part of the conversation.  If you’ve made the experience extremely memorable they’ll be happy to sing the praises of you.

This picture is a great tool for social media (with their permission, naturally) and something with which you can follow up months later to ensure your customer is totally satisfied with their decision.

Car sales people rarely work their data base except to ask for a referral and generate a new sale.  Remember, selling is about building relationships.  We can help you build a program for non-selling engagement tactics that ultimately result in life-time clients.

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