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Ideas On Demand

Aha Moment Monday

The other day a colleague and I went for dinner in a fine restaurant.
We waited a few minutes for the waiter to attend and when he did he took our drink order and gave us additional time to peruse the menu.

When he returned my colleague and I had already decided on the lobster ravioli and placed our order
Just as Mo (our waiter) was leaving the table I summoned him back and asked, “Mo, is it ready yet??”
He laughed, and perhaps you are laughing as well, but I had to ask!

Isn’t that question indicative of our “instant” society today?
Once we make the decision to do something or have something, we want it now!

We live in a world of “on demand” – instant access to information anywhere in the world through our phones, immediate money transfer through an app, real-time inventory or tracking with our suppliers and providers  – that we find ourselves expecting other things in our lives to happen instantly as well.
Like when we diet and exercise for one day and expect to see instant changes in the mirror.  Or when we finally make a decision on a project and hand it off to be developed, then expect it’s in stage-three of its completion

Aha – Everything requires its own time

The Law of Gender states that everything has a  gestational period, the time that it takes to transpose a seed and bring it to fruition.

We know human babies take about nine months before they’re ready to pop into the world, yet it’s 22 months before baby elephants see the light for themselves  (If you’re a human mom, doesn’t the thought of being pregnant for 22 months make you cringe??)

Nature’s gestation periods are predictable but our ideas and unique processes are not.   That’s where patience comes in.
Each will require the time that it will – no amount of force or wishing will make it any different.

However, with belief, the right people and process along with consistent action, your idea – your seed – will manifest itself.  It’s nature’s way.
As for another person’s idea or process or seed?  It’ll happen in their time.

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait, it’s how we behave while we’re waiting”  ~ Joyce Meyer
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