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Identifying Your Conditions of Self-Employment

Aha! Moment Monday

Have you ever played the game “truth or dare”?

I remember it was a popular game at teenage parties but it can be fun at any age.

The game can be played with two or more players and essentially one player asks a question of the other (or the group asks a question of one person).  The person responding to the question has the option to answer the question truthfully or accept the dare given by the first person because by playing the game you’re agreeing to be vulnerable.  The questions asked are usually probing ones that can reveal some deep secrets or embarrassing moments.

If you don’t agree to tell the truth, you agree to be dared.  Now tame dares might be to wear your clothes inside out, eat a strange food or make a scene in a restaurant but depending on the company or how badly they want an answer to their revealing question, the dares could be life-altering.

The rules say you have to choose how you’re going to respond to the question before it’s asked!  Deliver the truth or accept the dare.  There’s no changing your mind once you hear the question.

Ready to play?  Here we go!

Truth or dare?

Here is your question:  What little white lie do you tell yourself to excuse you from being even MORE successful?

Might the truth take some reflection?

Aha! ~ I dare you to live to your FULL potential.

You see while you might have heard, growing up, “You can be anything you want to be!” that doesn’t mean you were in the company of mentors or people equipped to teach you to take the lid off your mind and absolutely explode your talent and potential.  And while they might have sincerely desired enormous success for you, they could only give you what they had. And if you were conditioned to be satisfied playing by the rules and accepting limitations (and most of us were because that’s how the people we were surrounded by were conditioned … and we hand that stuff down), then you also adopted some excuses as to why playing within those limitations is the right thing to do.  So while you’ve achieved success – and we both know that you have – does your heart still desire more?

Your current reality is the sum total of your awareness, conditioning and choices….so far.  Once you become aware of those little white lies (warning: sometimes they’re tough to spot because they’re so well disguised as valid barricades) you realize you can’t tell them to yourself any longer.  No more protective, limiting beliefs.  Armour is off.   It’s just you in your purest, most talented, connected, limitless form.  Free to explore infinite “self-employment” potential.

Okay so my “dare” is a life-altering one.  But even if you choose “truth”, you still win.


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