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Idle Hands Make An Idle Mind

Aha!  Moment Monday


Someone asked a question on social media, “What would your work be if you followed your childhood dreams?” All kinds of responses poured in. What did you dream of?

My dad came to Canada from Germany just into his twenties. As a child he lived through WW2, his family separated, eventually escaping east to west to reunite, then with a trade and determination to make himself and his parents proud, he landed in Canada and began immediately to look for work. In fact, my dad went wherever the work was and always outgrew his position in plan to always be levelling up. He fell in love with aviation and turned his passion into a profession being a highly regarded individual in his field. He worked right up until a few months before he took his final breath at the age of 86.

The thought of retirement or being idle never occurred to my dad which is contrast to the North American culture where most people hope to escape their work, latest by age 65. “You retire cattle, not people” he would say, and he used technology to learn how he could live his calling to advance society and create a handsome life for himself and his family.

Aha! ~ “There is nothing better than that a man should rejoice for his own works, for that is his heritage.”  ~ Ecclesiastes 3:22

We are all creators in our own right and the very act of working – through our own personal creation – is how we scale upward. It is why you want to always be working or seeking work.

“Only in this way do you continue to churn up the nutrient of the human ecosystem – money – and feed innovation, creativity, and the fruition of millions of small aspects of God’s colossal plan” writes Bishop E. Bernard Jordan in The Laws of Prosperity.

You see you can never be underemployed when you are employed. This may seem counterintuitive but what matters most is that you are working as then, you are an active participant in the cosmic evolution.

The Law of Entanglement – ALL IS ONE – means that separation between individuals is an illusion. Everything you think, feel and do has an effect on society and the ecosystem to some degree. So, the things you do that either promote prosperity or prevent it not only affect you but just about every other person in creation.

Jordan reminds us, “There is a virtue in employment that has nothing to do with age” and he suggests that a children discover how their activity associated with chores and contributing to the family ecosystem, and receiving reward for those tasks, which is how leaders are born.

“All beings were meant to be in motion for life.”

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