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Irreplaceable You

Aha!  Moment Monday

Who is on your team?

Your mindset, actions, and results will all be determined by your team. When shift happens, so shifts your tribe. It’s an evolving occurrence in the spirit of growth.

Whether it’s those under your corporate umbrella or those who comprise your personal circle, the concept is the same. Who you hang with will have the greatest influence on shaping your life; your happiness, your confidence, your purpose and overall, your results.

How and with whom you invest your time in terms of opportunities and partnerships are up for re-evaluation and development at a time when you want to build a stronger version of yourself … and them.

What does that new team of influencers look like? How do you determine if they fit?

Aha! ~ Seek out partners using your priorities as your guide

Here’s the thing: it’s natural to want to seek out people of like minds or similar interests however the person or people you will gravitate towards will be different. That’s by design. The ideal strategic partner is that one that impacts the vision differently and uniquely contributes towards one of the priorities in your strategic plan. Partners must believe they can better achieve their purpose working together.

Now that doesn’t mean that when your needs and priorities change that you abandon your family and close friends because they don’t appear to fit the new mold. They are there for the long haul and each contribute to your well-being and learning as well as allow you a distinctive outlet to give. It does mean, however, understanding that time is your most precious commodity, that by being crystal clear about your vision and priorities, you’ll draw towards you the ideal partners with whom to invest the balance of your time.

Be bold about looking for irreplaceable partners …. by being irreplaceable yourself.


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