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Irreplaceable You

Aha! Moment Monday

What does it take to land the ideal job?

I suppose ideal to one person could be disaster to another so let’s dig down a bit.

Does your ideal job involve travel and diversity or do you like to have a routine of going to an office during a predetermined time?

Do you like to work with numbers or colours?

Do people play a big role in your environment or are your more productive working in your own space?

Perhaps we can agree that “clarity” is an important element in finding the perfect position; you need to be clear of exactly what your ideal position looks like.

Of course education and skill will certainly get you in the door.

How about experience? Is that mandatory in order to slot you into your dream job or can you simply display an attitude of willingness and an aptitude to learn?

Perhaps you landed your ideal job only to find it wasn’t what you envisioned and you need to shift gears OR your employer downsizes, automates, outsources, or restructures and your safe plan leaves you off balance.

What now?

Aha! ~ Only YOU can provide job security

Like a cat, landing on your feet not only takes resilience but a different kind of plan. A blueprint where you plan in advance to outgrow your position, you plan to watch competitors and are in touch with potential market shifts, a plan that includes upgrading your skills, looking for a mentor and holding a membership that keep you sharp and connected.

Today you’re a different person than you were yesterday: more aware and experienced. You’re evolving to always refine and build on your authentic uniqueness then deliver it in ways you never imagined possible. Your ideal job isn’t something you settle into, it’s something you grow out of to make way for your next ideal job.

And perhaps it’s not a job at all.

Wherever you invest yourself, plan to be irreplaceable.


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