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Aha!  Moment Monday


Are you being properly compensated?

In the physical world we have become conditioned to expect a reward for our toil. That reward standard is typically some form of financial compensation.  

But values have changed, work has changed, our environment has changed, and we may not feel like we are being appropriately compensated for the work we are doing or that our work is even there! Doesn’t seem fair.

How is it that talented people have been forced to close the doors of their businesses while others are being compensated for doing virtually nothing?  When shift happens and the world seems to be out of order, who survives? Who thrives?

Aha! ~ It is your state of mind that determines the nature of what comes next.

In other words, brave face not required.  The world is always in balance.

Whatever leaves is always replaced, and it is your thought process that determines that outcome.

It is natural to suffer an initial shock when you are unsuspectedly released from your job, or to feel badly when a relationship ends, or to grieve the loss of someone close who has transitioned. It is when you realize that the Law of Compensation keeps a ledger – something leaves, something comes in – that you also realize that by your thoughts you can choose what that next “thing” looks like.

If your thoughts continue to be of despair, blame, worry, fear, self-doubt, and struggle, then you will fill your void with more of the same. If your thoughts are to use what you have learned from what has departed to create a stronger “next”, you will idealize and realize a powerful new place of existence.

Physicist Nikola Tesla understood the meaning of compensation when he said, “The true rewards are ever in proportion to the labor and sacrifices made.”  

Here is the second Aha! (and it’s a biggie). That which enters your life does not have to equal that which has departed.  ~ E. Bernard Jordan

So … would you rather trust your co-creating mind to shape your future OR the random – potentially toxic – thoughts of others?

A loss of any kind could spiral you into depression, fuel a new initiative or something in between. It is yours to choose.  You decide if what compensates for your loss is something detrimental or something beneficial. Guaranteed as gravity, the Law of Compensation never brings nothing.

The best awaits.
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