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It has to be Interesting to Fit

Aha! Moment Monday

Have you ever met someone for the first time and within a few minutes into the conversation, you know them better than most people in your network?  You hit it off!  Talking with them is easy and you totally “get” each other.  You’re on the same page.

Then there are others to whom you can approach in the same way with the same dialogue yet get a completely different response.  They’ll look at you like you have two heads, perhaps with little appreciation for your perspective – or even your topic for that matter – and finding common ground is strained at best.

(Wouldn’t it be nice to hit the mark every time?)

Now, on a bigger scale, have you ever attended a presentation where you felt the educator was speaking directly to you?  Or conversely that you wondered if you were the only one in the audience who was not connecting with the facilitator?  It happens!

Most often the process of registering for continuing education includes being given background of a session and the profile of the person delivering that session.  That way you can verify that both the learner-outcomes, and the individual chosen to deliver the message, fit you.  But enough times it’s not until you sit in the session you realize the presenter is talking at a different level – perhaps above or beneath you – and you’re struggling to learn … it just doesn’t fit.

Good speakers get information about their audiences in advance.  This helps them customize their presentation – language, examples, etc. – to be relevant to those who they expect will be in the seats.  Great speakers ask questions of audience members (registered guests) in advance of their presentations to get a handle on burning issues, expectations and to begin to form a connection with those who respond.

Aha! ~ The same holds true for an audience of one

You don’t need to be a professional speaker to effectively utilize this get-in-sync tool.

First, can we agree that we don’t all think alike? (Actually, thank goodness, eh?) And that not everyone is a fit for what you have to offer?  You might be thinking, “I know that” (and I know you do) but it’s
worth mentioning because it’s fascinating how few questions people ask before they spill!  Are they taking the “Give-first Economy” a little too literally?

One of the best ways to establish a connection is to ask a question – any question – in which you are particularly interested….then listen.  (There’s a second way but we’ll save that for another Aha!).  This method gets you engaged immediately by asking something important to you (you won’t be looking over their shoulder for someone better to talk to) and you’ll immediately discover a potential fit.

Oh, and if someone asks you a question that makes you feel awkward, you can always respond by saying, “That’s an interesting question.  What made you ask that?”  Same outcome.

Cheers to you attracting all the right people!

 Check out who found the Aha! Moments four-colour pen oh-so useful when marking up her manuscript for book #4.  Yep – acclaimed SciFi author, Kaz LeFave! 


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