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Aha!  Moment Monday

Raise your hand:  Who likes change?

Now, change, when we initiate it ourselves is empowering but when change is imposed, we tend to resist it.   Our experience log pipes up when we’re met with change to remind us that will mean we will have to change.

Change is happening every day as we’re in the midst of an era of digital transformation.  In fact we’re embarking on the fourth industrial revolution – CONNECTIVITY.   Think back to the first three revolutions: steam in the 1700’s, electricity in the 1800’s then computing in the latter part of the 1900’s and how radically differently we lived.  And now, digital platforms are completely overhauling everything from how we drive our cars, how we control the temperature in our homes – remotely – to how we buy just about anything. The potential for the integration of technology is unlimited.

It won’t be long before the “driving experience” will be replaced with a “commuting experience” as self-driving cars won’t have front seats with a steering wheel but could be equipped with couches, tables and beds.  And the jobs of pick-and-packers, check-out clerks and call centre attendees are quickly being replaced by another form of intelligence that’s not us.

But in the name of progress are we incorporating technology that stresses our consumers and actually challenges their ability to exchange with us?  Or worse, are we casting off the very fundamentals that we as humans have held dear since the fur-trading days in light of going digital?

Aha! ~  Focus on “easy”.

If your integration of technology isn’t making it easier for you, your customers or your team members to engage and progress, then you’re missing the mark.

Dave Borrelli, V.P. of Commercial Business for Salesforce Canada, shares that effective digital transformation is based on four pillars that have always been business essentials because they affect us at the core.

Experience – every decision we make as a business leader should be based on how it impacts the customer.The more intuitively we serve the better.
Innovation – we have the ability to deliver “hyper personalization” but all the internal platforms need to be integrated to be effective
Trust – did you know that the majority of consumers distrust the businesses they deal with?Technology isn’t something to hide behind.Be transparent
Values – communicate your values and most importantly, live your values.

Revolutions are not about losing ourselves or surrendering to the change, they’re about embracing it because it was ever only all about you.

“Culture eats strategy for lunch”  ~ Drucker


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