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Aha!  Moment Monday

During an interview with the talented and successful Coach, Amy Stoehr, I asked her, “How do you motivate people?”  Amy answered, “I don’t believe you can motivate anyone.  What you can do is lead by example and provide an environment in which people can bring to life their own personal development plan.”

When you think back about your growth spirts – when you took a quantum leap or made a pivotal self-discovery – were you in an environment that encouraged self-care and igniting your own spark?  Thriving in a nurturing environment is empowering as in that environment there is no pressure to meet anyone’s standards other than your own.  You are in control of your goals, activities and the commitments you make to yourself along the way.

Have you thrived in a destructive environment?  Were you ever in a job, or a relationship or a social situation when it became apparent that in that circumstance you were not being your best self?  At the time you may have felt like the situation sucked the life out of you but in hindsight, was the situation a gift with a key takeaway?

What about this detox that the planet is currently undergoing where everything and everyone is ill at ease, uncertainty is at an all time high and returning to any resemblance of normal seems far-fetched? Where are you on a scale of 1-10 in terms of anticipating a positive outcome?

Aha! ~  Everything is exactly as it should be

Remembering that everything in life has an equal opposite, imagine for a minute, the opposite of right now.  What do you see?  How are you living?  Who are you with?  What are you working on?

Amy strategically asks, “Are you intentional about your learning?” because when you arm yourself with awareness, and specialized knowledge, you march through the eye of the storm to the beat of your own drummer.   A higher vision and acceptance release you from the need to follow the herd or defend your position.  You are a creator doing what you do best … and on purpose.

“Primitive societies live by the Rule of Might, and the strong prevail. Advanced societies live by the Rule of Law, and the privileged prevail. Enlightened societies live by the Rule of Love, and everyone is lifted higher.”                        ~ Mike Dooley

Amazing to think the best is yet to come.


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