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It’s Enough Already!

Aha!  Moment Monday

In around 1995 B.I. (before internet) advertising agencies were tasked with creating impactful product launches that required them to do deep research on demographics, social preferences, colour palettes, distribution models etc.  When the launch happened they had everything figured out right to the last detail.  On behalf of their client their job was to tell the targeted consumer exactly what they needed, why, and where to buy it.

In 2019 A.I. (you figured “after internet”, right?) those same agencies now specialize in ‘communications’ not just advertising because no longer do you tell your consumer what they want or need, they decide for themselves.  The pre-launch research is similar but the roll-out much different because your customer is in charge.  Once you put your offer into the airways you begin a conversation with your potential user and with the press of a button they can tell everyone exactly what they think … and on multiple channels.

The bad news is that you’re no longer in control of your public message.  The good news is, in order to be wildly successful, you don’t have to have it all figured out ahead of time!

Aha! ~ “Perfect is the enemy of good.”  Antoine Dupont

Now in order to be well-received you still need to be good – Antoine suggests, for instance, that a one-minute video warrants an hour’s worth of editing – but chasing “perfect” is like being in shackles….you’ll never get anywhere.

If you’re marketing on social media it’s all about sharing anyway, never about being a commercial.  You want to “… entertain, educate or elevate” and if you use video, ensure the quality reflects your brand and is an appropriate length for the outlet you’re using.

Here’s a fun fact:  Did you know that 51% of people use YouTube for “How to…”?  Solve any problem for anyone and be an internet sensation!

You’re already good enough.

Let’s get started then, shall we?

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